Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chamber's cruising weekend ......

The Saint Francisville Chamber of Commerce, along with over 60 local businesses, civic groups, and Public bodies, sponsored the 3rd annual "Classic Car Show" in downtown Saint Francisville at Parker Memorial Park, April 6,7,8,9 2006.
. The weatherman cooperated by sending us cool temperatures and a beautiful bluebird spring day…what a setting and a venue for over 120 cars from 3 States and an estimated 4,000 people who cycled through the four (4) day event. Good food, live music, special spectator cars provided by local car dealers, select cruises through the "wow…oh my gosh" rolling hills of the Felicianas, as well as many beautiful automotive works of art were all part of the "Cruising in the Country" experience.

The Chamber of Commerce sees these type events as a great way to introduce new friends to the unique character and natural beauty of the Felicianas. With this type event, local retail businesses see a boost in their weekend receipts; hotels, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants enjoy a banner long-term flow of new tourists. These type tourists stay with us for the 4 day period and bring with them "new dollars" that circulate in the community as many as 6 times. The Chamber's primary job is to help make local businesses successful…what better way than to sponsor events that bring in new dollars, with the additional perk of having these people come back to see us later in the year and visit our local shops, hotels, and restaurants…yet again.

The Saint Francisville Chamber of Commerce and the local supporters, designate a worthwhile charity to benefit from any profits that the event generates. This year's recipient was "The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Louisiana" whose mission statement is to "grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich their human experience with hope, strength and joy."

Plans are already being started for next-year's event. Lessons were learned, activities will be critiqued and improved, new potential participants have called and would like to be part of future plans. Most importantly, several car clubs from other regions who attended this year's show have offered their assistance to help with the implementation of next-year's event.

Finally, as the event coordinator, I wish to thank our many sponsors and the special few who got involved and made it happen. It's amazing what WE can get accomplished when a small group pulls together for the good of the community…how refreshing.

Dick Lancaster - Director and Event Committee Chairman of The Saint Francisville Chamber of Commerce